About me

I am an entirely self-taught and independent visual artist, a member of the International Association of Visual Artists (IAVA). Born in Crimea, Ukraine in 1977, and since 2014 have been living and working in Germany.

I find my happiness in making art and cannot imagine spending my time without a brush in my hand, paint on my clothes gives a deep sense of joy in my heart to create beauty.

I use my own artistic style, prefer to act with acrylics on canvas, and like thick paint to create texture and add expression to emphasize the stroke and gesture.

I am painting emotions and feelings, thoughts, and memories associated with the bright characters and evoked by vivid events. My art allows every viewer to see something resembling his ideas, beliefs, and philosophy of life.

As an artist, I hope that you will enjoy my paintings, feel the impulse and energy of me, capture the melody that is in my head and the vibration of my soul.

My motto

No matter what we think about art, it is only what we feel that matters.